About Us


Hello! My name is Sarah and this is my husband Nick. We met when we were fifteen years old, and finally got married just two years ago. Both of us look forward to having kids of our own and starting a little family. 

I have always had sensitive skin, and all growing up I have needed special medications and materials for my skin to keep it healthy. I found that cotton and bamboo were the softest and easiest on my skin, helping my skin breathe and promote its health. 

Thinking about how sensitive my skin has been, I thought it was also very important for my children to have good clothes for their skin as well. Our goal with Honey Babe is to offer premium bamboo, and organic cotton basics that include high-quality, timeless, everyday pieces for babies. These classic pieces are simple, soft, comfortable, and designed to last.

This clothing line reflects our personal style, and are the clothes we hope you enjoy and love as much as we do.  
Thank you for supporting Honey Babe Clothing!