When shopping for your baby, you want the best, high quality fabric for your little ones. Honey Babe recognizes how important it is for you to make informed decisions and understand the impact of your purchases. 

At Honey Babe clothing, we have put the in time and found the best quality of fabric for you and your baby, while also providing a positive impact on our environment.



Bamboo fabric is an antimicrobial agent, where other fabrics such as cotton and polyester, are more likely to harbor fungi and bacteria.
This helps protect the health of your baby and keep harmful substances at bay.

Bamboo is naturally UV resistant. There is no other natural fiber with this unique quality.
The way bamboo fabric is made creates cross sections forming micro gaps in the fabric, making it incredibly absorbent fabric. It is able to soak up to 40% more water than cotton. Because of the micro gaping, bamboo is a great fabric which allows easy ventilation, and breathability, making it the perfect fabric for your baby to regulate their temperature year-round.

Honey Babe also wants to do our part in protecting our environment. We made sure and to find the best kind of fabric to provide high quality to your baby and to also protect our earth.



1/3 the amount of water is needed to grow Bamboo than is needed for cotton.

Bamboo rarely needs to be replanted. Bamboo is able to sprout on its own making it a self-replenishing resource, while cotton needs harvesting and replanting each year.

 Bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly fabric. Honey Babe hopes that as we provide the best care for you and your children, we also provide the care that our earth deserves.