Our Mission

We believe baby clothes should complement your child’s style, not compete with it. 
The idea for Honey Babe Clothing was conceived when we looked around and saw that from department stores to small boutiques, baby clothing options were limited to busy patterns and bright colors that stole the show from our little one’s soft features and beautiful skin tone. The lack of solid color options made of premium, sustainable material is what drove us to design, and launch our own baby clothing line.

Our Commitment to You and the Earth
In our world today, clothing is being mass produced and little responsibility is being taken for the impact this is having on our beautiful Earth. We refuse to be a part of that. Which is why we’ve chosen to use only sustainable fabrics in the creation of our clothing.
We believe in sustainability and being eco-friendly, that is why all our clothes are made of sustainable organic bamboo and 100% organic cotton fabrics. We have gone to the ends of the Earth to find the perfect, soft, sustainable material with just the right amount of stretch. 

Benefits of Bamboo
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. While other material must be planted and replanted each year, bamboo grows on its own and as it grows, it gives back to the earth around it. Bamboo is an important element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air and stabilizes the ground preventing landslides.
The process it takes to make bamboo into fibres doesn’t have as great of an impact on the environment than other forms of fibres have. 
Bamboo also has a unique, naturally occurring antimicrobial agent that protects your baby from bacteria and fungi which other materials are prone to harbor. We want you to breathe more peacefully at night knowing that the material against your child’s skin is not only protecting it, it is made without pesticides and is also helping make the Earth a better place.